We are a software development company that likes to DoMore.

Bringing ideas to life by creating awesome web and mobile applications is what we do.

What we offer


Mobile application development

Cross-platform mobile applications with attention to detail and focus on performance while reaching millions of devices worldwide.


Web application development

A broad range of web application types suited for every need you might have. We obsess over performance and UX to provide the best experience possible.


Custom backend solutions

Our expertly-crafted backend solutions make sure the frontend ones run smoothly. Bring your own frontend solution or let us take care of it.


Turning your ideas into final product

Have a breakthrough idea, but no means to realize it? Don't worry, we're here to help make it a reality.

Have a project on mind? We would love to help.

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Technologies & tools we use


We value principles of clean code as well as our sanity - that's why TypeScript is the best tool for the job.

React Native

This cross-platform framework is the best choice to power mobile applications that reach millions of devices worldwide.


The batteries-included metaframework and rich ecosystem which helps us create and maintain snappy and delightful mobile experiences.


Next.js gives us full confidence to ship best-in-class and performant websites which makes them an absolute delight to use.


No application is complete without the brains of the operation - that's why we chose Nest.js to make sure our apps perform at their best.


We're obsessed with providing the fastest and snappiest user experience, which makes Fastify a logical choice for world-class performance.


Providing a whole suite of services, tools & applications, we trust in AWS to help us ship applications swiftly and with confidence.


We admit - bugs happen here and there, but Sentry allows us to catch them all before you even notice them.

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